Motherhood is a magical thing. It’s miraculous in a way that nothing can be compared to it in the world. And we Moms are the examples of it. Yes, I am saying we are magical.

Because no matter the hardships and challenges we face, we never lose the Zest of motherhood. Each day we wake up with the same zest to care, to love, to protect… and to get vomited or pooped on, get kicked on the face, bitten on the sore nipples… yeah, you get the idea right?

This is the magic of being a mother. So how could we be anything else?

But what happens when we don’t feel that Zest Sometimes?

Nothing! you just feel low for a while and then bounce back.

We, magical Moms, are humans at the core. (Something people keep forgetting).

And sometimes you are so zonked out, so frustrated with everything, you feel you can’t do this anymore. That’s it!

It’s completely okay, you don’t have to love this motherhood gig 24*7, Mommy! And that definitely doesn’t mean you don’t love your baby at that moment. It just means that you are tired and need a break.

What do you do to get that zest back?

We have already covered me-time ideas, loving yourself, and other survival things to do, to feel rejuvenated and refresh again. So do whatever you feel like or do nothing at all. Just don’t feel guilty.

Be happy, be you and everything else will fall in place.

Some days you will thrive, some days you will just survive,

Some days you will be at your best, some days you won’t feel the zest,

Some days you will love it so much, some days it will feel it sucks,

In this journey of motherhood, you will laugh, you will cry,

You will fail, you will succeed,

But Don’t Worry, You amazing Momma, you will Thrive…And Survive!

Note: This post is written as part of the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge for the letter Z.

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Simon · May 2, 2020 at 9:20 pm

Congratulations on completing this A2Z series ✨💐 Looking forward for your blogging days…

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