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Last month, my 4-year-old son got sick. He caught a nasty cold that had him sneezing and coughing for some days. We all know that these cold and flu viruses are highly contagious. When one person in a family falls sick, soon the others start showing symptoms. This happens because the sick person starts leaving traces of cold and flu germs around the house that remain on surfaces for days. And coming in contact with these contaminated surfaces continues the cycle of illness in the family.

Something similar happened in our house too. First, my kiddo got sick, and then it was me. Thankfully my husband did not catch it. But this bout of cold made me realize that just cleaning and dusting is not enough to ensure my family’s safety against these highly contagious viruses and germs. Especially in these tough times when the world is fighting against a pandemic, the safety and protection of our family against germs are our major priorities.

I realized I needed to properly disinfect my home. So I started searching for good quality hygiene products that would help me disinfect my house and keep it free of viruses and germs. And my quest came to an end with Godrej protekt’s line of home hygiene products. 

I used the Godrej protekt Air and Surface Disinfectant Spray to disinfect my whole house. It is highly effective and super easy to use. I went on a disinfecting spree (as I said, just cleaning is not enough!), and Godrej protekt Air and Surface Disinfectant Spray was my partner in that. I cleaned and disinfected every possible surface such as sofas, chairs, tables, doorknobs, counter-tops, etc. especially the surfaces and objects that my child frequently touches. This spray also disinfects the air around, fighting airborne germs, so I specifically sprayed it around our bedroom where I and my kiddo spent most of our sick days. I can safely say that now my house is protected because this spray kills 99.9% of bacteria along with cold and flu viruses. On top of that, it smells good and doesn’t leave stains behind. It is so easy to use, just spray on the surface from a distance of 15-20 cm. and let it dry. And you are done! 

Another Godrej hygiene product which I really liked is Godrej protekt Multipurpose Disinfectant Liquid. Just like us Mommas, this is a true multi-tasker! It can be used for personal use like bathing, shaving, laundry (post-wash), and for disinfecting rooms, toys, kitchen surfaces, cleaning, mopping, etc. It kills 99.9% of germs and the pleasnt smell adds a delightful ambience to my house.

I am using this disinfectant liquid for personal use, like bathing and laundry. Though I am very cautious in using any new product when it comes to personal hygiene as it directly affects your body. I have had no complaints about this disinfectant liquid, and I love its fragrance too. 

I also use the Godrej protekt Multipurpose Disinfectant Liquid regularly for mopping the floors. It keeps the floor clean and germ-free. Since my kiddo is almost always on the floor while playing or doing anything else for that matter, I am relieved to know that he is safe from germs.

Both of these great products are now part of my cleaning routine, be it my home or personal hygiene. They have made my life easy, and my family protected against viruses and infections. I absolutely love them and would recommend them to everyone to keep your entire house free of germs. So even if one family member falls sick, it will not turn into a cycle of illness in the whole family.

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