Whenever we watch or hear stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata, we see the incidents, their results, and teachings of dharma, kartavya (duty), and winnings of good on evil.


But have we ever contemplated what went inside the heart of those people when they made their decisions, when some of them were wronged or when they got justice?


Purba Chakraborty, the author of ‘Mythological Monologues’ has done it and that too in a beautiful way. Her poems grip your heart and make you think hard even after you have finished reading.


Let’s dive into the book in detail:

Book Title– Mythological Monologues


Published by– Blogchatter


Author’s Name– Purba Chakraborty

About the Author

Purba Chakraborty is an English Literature educator, content developer, and blogger. She is an author of 3 novels – Walking in the Streets of Love and Destiny (2012), The Hidden Letters (2014), Canvas of a Mind (2017) and three poetry books The Heart Listens to No One (2016), Letters from the Soul (2020) along with Mythological Monologues (2020). She has also contributed her poems and short stories in more than 10 anthologies and various magazines.

Book Cover and Title

The book cover is beautiful and makes you think of Lord Krishna when you look at the peacock feather. It sets the right tone for the book. The title is intriguing and makes you curious to find what’s inside; this intriguing title made me read and review this wonderful eBook.


The eBook contains 26 monologues from some of the popular characters of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The author has depicted the emotions of the characters in the form of poetry. The author has captured the feelings and turmoil of these characters deeply and presented them with gripping lines.

From Ahalya’s pain on being cursed without being guilty of doing anything wrong to Draupadi’s lifelong struggles, from Abhimanyu’s realization of being alone in the chkravyuh to Vibhishana’s thoughts on being called a traitor. The author has written each and every monologue so aptly; it struck a chord inside you.

Each monologue is beautifully written. And my favorite was Ahalya’s monologue; here is a glimpse of that:

My fault is that I am a woman. 

In my third eye, 

I could envision the future of women 

Men will molest them, rape them 

Yet society will blame and punish the poor women…   

  Another monologue which tugged at me is of Satyavati:

I controlled and rectified situations 

When things went wrong. 

I- Satyavati lived life on my term 

I was a woman way ahead of my time. 

My Word 

This is a unique and beautiful read. I would recommend everyone to read it. Even if you are not a big fan of poetry, Purba’s beautifully woven lines will take place in your heart. This book is a must-read for its unique content and fabulous poetry. You would see the characters from these epics in a new light after reading it.

Download your copy now; it’s free for a limited time. Trust me; you don’t want to miss this:


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