In my last post, I talked about a mother’s struggle with her baby’s weight. And here I am going to talk about a mother’s struggle with her own weight. (Seems like, weight is something a New Mom is always worried about, whether it’s hers or her baby’s.)

When we are pregnant, somehow we believe once the pregnancy is over, we will get back to our old shape. That just like your size went to:

M to L, or L to XL, or XL to XXL…

You will go back to your previous size. Because you can’t imagine being this big always, right?

Then you give birth to your little angel and think okay, now I will lose this big tummy and the waist which feels like it’s full of waste (sorry, bad joke :D).

Then weeks pass, then months… and the only things you seem to be losing are your sleep and your sanity.

What should you do?

Don’t worry, I am not going to tell you about healthy eating and workout regimes, you get enough stuff about that on the internet. And truthfully, in the first few months when you hardly get time to eat or shower, when you are sleep deprived and tired to the bone, cooking healthy meals and workout routines is nothing more than a distant thought.

Though, if you are already doing these healthy things, kudos to you Mommy! I don’t know how you manage it. I know I couldn’t.

So to the Moms who are constantly worried about their weight, but not able to do anything about it?

First of all, relax. Seriously, just relax and think. Your body is still recovering from the monumental task of giving birth to a baby. Give it a break. Let it heal.

And secondly, you are not running for a beauty pageant anytime soon Mommy that requires a flat tummy and barely-there waistline, no, you have endless feedings and diaper duties to attend too.

So, in answer to the question what should you do?

You should just focus on taking care of your baby and yourself, in whatever way you feel right. If you can work on your weight with everything else, go ahead. If not, that’s good too. Just be happy.

But if you are really bothered about your tummy, which doesn’t seem to understand that you are not pregnant anymore and won’t go in, or your waist which seems to keep lengthening its horizon, or that your boobs seem to be attracted by gravity way too much.

I am sharing some tips below to survive all these weight-related woes.

How to Survive with your Weight that Won’t Cooperate (And Accept your New Body)

You are not alone

You are not the only Mom who is struggling with your size or weight Mommy. Over There are millions of Moms out there who are in the same place you are. And that Mom you saw at the family function, with who seems to just go back to her previous slim self after her baby’s birth? That’s an exception. Yes, it is. Your constant stress will only increase your weight.

Stop believing what you see on Social Media

The Mom you just saw on your Instagram feed, who seemed perfectly put, without an inch extra here and there? She might be wearing tummy tucker inside her lovely dress. And don’t even bother to see those celebrity Moms profiles. They live in a different world with a highly paid Nanny, at home GYM, a personal trainer, chef, etc. They have time and people to have a work out regime and healthy meal. You are the be-all and end-all of your house and your baby.

Be Proud of Your Body

Giving birth to a baby is a life-altering experience, and your body has gone through a lot. This dimpled, wobbly, stretched body has given you the most precious gift of life. Be proud of it. It deserves your love just the way it is.

Accept that it may never be the same Again

As I said earlier, your body has gone through a life-altering experience. The scars and other body changes it bears now may never go away completely. And that’s okay! These are your Badges Mommy. You have changed internally, it’s okay to change externally too.

Get Intimate

This is one of the best ways to get over the insecurities over your body. If your partner accepts your body as it is, it will give you the much-needed confidence. You could also talk to your partner about your concerns.

The first year of motherhood is a roller coaster ride in itself. Don’t make it more stressful Momma. Let your body heal and rest before you start grinding it in low-fat food and workouts.

Remember it’s important to be healthy. So if your weight is affecting your health directly, you should definitely do something about it, but only after getting an okay from your doctor.

Otherwise, a few pounds here and there is not something to lose your sleep about. It’s okay to accept your transition to L, XL, or XXL.

Did you struggle with your weight after your baby’s birth? How did you cope up? Do let me know in the comments section.

Note: This post is written as part of the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge for the letter X.


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