Do you know who is your best friend in the first year of motherhood besides your Mom and Google? 

The Baby Tools! Swings, rockers, cradles, carriers, and, bouncers, etc.

These tools are the blessings for Moms who need a break to save her sanity and give some relief to her aching and sleep-deprived body. And that’s why I call them the sanity savers.

Because they save you on many occasions like when you have a bathroom emergency, and your baby cries uncontrollably when you put him down, a baby swing or rocker helps in soothing your baby while you attend to your emergency.

When your baby is being fussy and you have chores to do, a baby carrier can come in very handy. Wearing your baby is so easy with a baby carrier.

When you take a bath, you can put your baby in a rocker in front of the door, so your baby can see you, and you can be sure he is safe too.

I could go on and on about the numerous times these tools help you in the first year of motherhood and even after that.

Instead, let’s get acquainted with each of these tools so that you can decide which tools suit you best:

Baby Swings 

A baby swing is a padded chair that swings back and forth (or side to side) in a motion which is similar to the womb’s rocking motion, it helps soothe newborn babies. The swing is suspended with the help of a sturdy frame or base.

Baby swings come in 2 types, manual and battery operated. Most of them have attachments for baby’s entertainment. It can be used in the first few months until the baby is not rolling over or sitting on his own.

Baby Rockers

Rockers are just like adult rocking chairs. I had this baby rocker which my baby loved a lot. And it was easily portable; I would just put my baby in the rocker and move him wherever I wanted to. The rocker helped me a lot during my first year of motherhood.

A rocker rocks with baby’s movements, as well as you can rock it with a slight touch.

Baby Bouncers

Bouncers are seats attached to a wire-frame (spring) that allows the up and down movements. When babies do their usual arms and leg movements, it stimulates the spring motion. These chairs are good playtime when the tot realizes that his movements are making the chair move, it’s fun to see their reaction.

Bouncers also come in 2 categories, manual and battery operated. And as expected, the battery ones are expensive

Baby Carriers

A baby carrier is a supporting device/gear that lets you holds your baby close to you comfortably, keeping your arms free. It’s also called baby wearing. This comes in very handy when you have to multitask.

Baby Cradles

Cradles have been part of our culture for a long time, and they are great when it comes to soothing your baby and helps him sleep too. My baby used to love being in the cradle. The first few months after birth, he slept either in my arms or in his cradle. Otherwise, I had to keep nursing him the whole night or he wouldn’t sleep.

Baby Strollers

Strollers have been new age parent’s favorite for some time now. It makes easy to move and be out with the baby. A stroller is a wheeled device used to carry babies. It comes with a harness so that baby is tucked safely, and the stroller’s movements don’t harm him in any way.

I guess that’s all with the baby tools. It’s good to be living in this modern time sometimes, where we have these helpful tools for Moms which can make their life a little easier.

Just remember, whenever you buy any of these tools Mommy, make sure you follow every safety instructions and do everything as per the manuals, and weight limitations.

That’s all for now Mommies,

Cheers for these Sanity Savers.

Note: This post is written as part of the #Blogchatter A2Z Challenge for the letter S.


Shilpa Garg · April 24, 2020 at 7:54 pm

Baby Rocker sounds interesting, Havent seen one.
Agree these baby tools like carrier, swing, cradles and strollers are a boon for mothers and true sanity savers!

Arushi Seth · April 24, 2020 at 10:48 pm

Those are some very good suggestions for the baby in the first year. Mg daughter still sits on her rocking chair and reads. I am sure moms will benefit from this list

CRD · April 26, 2020 at 11:01 pm

We never had any of these….not even walkers!

We did, however, have lotsa people – parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, domestic helps and other lovely people who doubled up as all of these! 🙂


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