When a baby comes into our life, he brings a lot of happiness and joy to our lives. We hold our baby’s well-being and proper growth in the palm of our hands, especially in the first few years of his/her life.

Body Massage is an integral part of a baby’s growth journey. Regular baby massage has been part of our culture for ages. Regular massage helps the physical as well as the internal health of our babies.

Benefits of Regular Massage

  • Bonding

Massage helps you bond with your new-born baby. A mother’s touch helps the baby feel secure and encourages attachment between mother and baby.


  • Help relieve colic and constipation

Colic and constipation are common problems in newborn babies. Massage helps relieve these problems and relax the baby’s tummy.

why baby massage is essential


  • Calming and relaxing the baby

A mother’s touch calms baby, gives them a security blanket. It also helps relax babies just like adults.


  • Stronger Bones and Muscles

Massage helps with the formation of bone and muscle development in babies. It helps lay the foundation of stronger bones and muscles.


  • Helps Weight Gain

Along with the strengthening of bones and muscles, regular massage helps gain weight. It also ensures proper blood circulation to all parts o the baby’s body.


  • Improves sleep

Regular massage, especially at bedtime helps improve baby’s sleep. It can soothe the baby’s senses that help in relaxation and reduce fussiness.


  • Better Appetite

Massage helps in producing hormones that help with the absorption of food and increase appetite.


When is the Best Time to Massage your Baby?

Massaging your baby in between feed is better. In this way, he or she wouldn’t be too hungry or too full. Also, massage before bedtime is good, but keep in mind that the baby is not too sleepy, as it may upset him. As the baby grows into a routine, you will know when is the best time to massage your baby.


Choosing the right Massage oil for your Baby

There are many synthetics and ayurvedic baby massage oils available in the market. Some chemicals infused oil can harm your baby’s skin as they have minerals in it. Also, babies have sensitive skin, so it is important to make sure that to use an oil that is suitable and effective for the baby’s skin and health.

If you are wondering about how to choose the best oil for your baby,  I have explained how I did it for my baby who has extra sensitive skin in the post below. (Just click on the image to read the post)

how to choose massage oil for baby

Having a massage routine is essential for a baby’s health and proper growth. With the right massage technique, proper routine and a suitable oil for your baby’s skin, you will be able to give your baby a necessary boost in his/her development.













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